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Perfect after sale service is an important way to enhance its brand reputation and loyalty of the stationery. Lucky stationery strictly in accordance with the provisions of the state policies, the spirit of people-oriented, the spirit of public service, to customer satisfaction for the first element, has established a complete and perfect after-sales service system and according to the customer demand constantly updated, quality service to enhance Haocai stationery brand added value. To strengthen after-sales service management, and constantly improve the level of service is the essential guarantee of the lucky strike stationery in the fierce market competition in an invincible position.
1, warm service attitude
Lucky stationery established complete and detailed customer service files, requirements of customer service staff enthusiasm, serious customer reception, and in the shortest time to handle related matters, to ensure customer satisfaction satisfaction.
2, humanized service system
Lucky stationery not only strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state formulate code of customer service, also according to 20 years to sales of accumulated experience, formulate the special service codes, and strive to fully properly solve customer problems.
3, intimate service mode
I take a variety of ways to set up service, stationery tracking service, and strive to make every customer convenient.