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We know that: talent is the first element of the company, it is almost the only element;
We are convinced that: only the shortage of talent, no saturation of the position, the elite of the company will always be the company's rapid growth in the indispensable power.
Our management philosophy: people-oriented, the law is the key link, to do nothing to promote. Created a good environment for the growth of talent and career development. The factory insists on the principle of "keeping the cause, feeling, treatment and keeping people" as the work of human resources, and constantly develop and construct the scientific human resource management system in the field of recruitment, selection, training, incentive and restraint, performance evaluation and so on.
With the principle of people: Ren Ren Yin, the only need to lift, the ability to. We "eclectic with talent", vigorously promote "open, equal, competition, preferred" mechanism, no matter you in what position, as long as you can play your intellectual potential, as long as you have the talent, you may become a company reuse talent. Company has formed a respect for the people, fair competition, respect for knowledge, respect for the good atmosphere, so that every one has the ability, the cause of the staff can display their talents, to achieve their aspirations!
A parasol Phoenix Square, "Goodcolor" provides a broad flight for talent. Haikuo by diving, days of high Niaofei, we sincerely welcome more people of insight to join us, join hands in creating a better future!