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Business advantages:

1, with advanced brand awareness and brand concept;

2, in a wealth of business experience and successful business model;

3, the whole process of guidance and collaboration services;

4, a professional regional analysis ability and market analysis;

5, advanced management, can adapt to a variety of commercial strain;

Joining condition:

1, the paper has a full understanding of good luck

2, lucky stationery brand culture identity, identity I stationery management mode

3, with 3 years of business experience

4, a good personal credit

5, have independent investment risk and the capacity of civil liability

6, I can accept the stationery company on-the-spot investigation

Joining process

1, I accept the stationery company qualification

2, good luck and stationery company for face-to-face communication, I understand stationery related products, corporate culture and brand details

3, the two sides agreed to sign a joint agreement to establish a joint partnership

4, training I stationery related product knowledge and business model

5, determine the program and the renovation of the store and operation place, equipped with operating goods

6, lucky stationery company collaboration to develop business promotion plan and advertising plan.